18 www. AAA -WHEELS .ch DEDICATED WHEELS DEDICATED Conditions code page 18-33 I RDKS compatible Page 6 905 695 A A A D E D I C A T E D W H E E L AGAINPARTIALLY PRICES REDUCED * also for winter use applications for different vehicle models partial original rim dimensions approval free asa 2a AAA WHEELS 905 DEDICATED TO ALFA ROMEO Shiny Anthracite ( SA ) * SIZE PCD ET BORE CHF 8.0x19 5x110 33 Ø 65.1 275.– 9.0x19 5x110 (only rear) 44.5 Ø 65.1 280.– 8.5x20 5x110 31 Ø 65.1 440.– Other colors on request ! AAA WHEELS 695 DEDICATED TO AUDI Shiny Black / Silver, rim polished ( SBSPL ) SIZE PCD ET BORE CHF 8.0x18 5x112 35,42 Ø 66.45 OE 245.– 8.5x19 5x112 35,45 Ø 66.45 OE 310.– 9.0x20 5x112 33 Ø 66.45 OE 490.– OE asa 2a for different vehicle models Compatible also with SEAT , SKODA , VW 5x1 10 ALFA ROMEO DEDICATED TO DEDICATED TO 5x1 12 AUDI A A A D E D I C A T E D W H E E L SWISS CERTIFICATE design NEW SWISS CERTIFICATE design NEW prices partially reduced again